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Another Satisfied Customer
« on: September 21, 2005, 03:36:33 AM »
Aloha David!

     I was looking up information on your workshop at Studio Maui in December, and stumbled across your website. I've had a great time reading through the forum postings and your replies over the last few days, getting my "David wisdom" fix. Reading your posts has brought back a lot of memories of our ragged little band of yoga warriors, and I just wanted to share with you how grateful and blessed I feel to have had you as my teacher.

     I remember when I first started taking your class in Kihei, and feeling like the least flexible, most uncoordinated person. But I'd been taking yoga classes for about a year at the time, and I was resigned to being the worst student in any class I took, so it didn't phase me much. What did impact me was how you didn't care about that at all. A lot of teachers will mouth the words "it doesn't matter where you are in a pose... blah blah blah", and then go around the room praising the flexible people and correcting the inflexible. But the day I realized that you really walked your talk was when I'd been taking your class for a few weeks--I'd learned the order of asanas in primary series--and we had some new students in class, visitors from out of town, experienced in yoga but not ashtanga.  They had their mats on either side of me and you said "just try to follow along, and if you get confused, just watch Jennifer, she does it perfect". I remember being so floored by that. You weren't trying to build me up, stroke my ego or make me feel good. The result of that would have been embarassment on my part in front of two "better" students. I could tell that you really meant it. And that was when I began to stop looking around me at who was doing what and learned to focus on my own practice. That was my first step in learning what it is truly all about, and I could have taken yoga classes for ten years from other instructors and never learned that. 

     But the most profound teaching you ever gave me, and one that is having the biggest, most incredibly positive effect on my life had (seemingly) nothing to do with yoga at all. Years ago, in one of your classes, you were talking about what you do when something worries or upsets you and you said in your typical understated style "I just drop it". We all laughed and resumed our practice, and I forgot all about it. Fast forward. For the past two years, I have been mired in a severe depression and I'd been taking antidepressants, which helped somewhat. One day, something happened that really upset me, and I started going into this destructive thought pattern, rehashing the situation in my head over and over, arguing with the other person, defending myself, making myself right, getting more upset, when suddenly I flashed on that moment and heard you say "I just drop it". It sort of jarred me out of my head, and I said to myself, "just drop it, just drop it". And then I did. I REALLY DID. That was several weeks ago now, and it's been like a snowball. I'm dropping everything. Every day, I get more and more chances to practice dropping it, and I find that I can. And suddenly there is all this space in my life, in my personal relationships, everywhere, whereas before I had felt so claustrophobic and weighed down. And there's all this time, time for my daughter, time for my friends, time for my practice, where before I felt like I didn't have time for anything. I have practiced yoga every day since "the day I just dropped it", I've stopped taking the antidepressants, and can't remember when I've felt so good. I feel like someone released from prison.

     My sister once said, the best part about taking David's class is not the instruction he gives, but HIM. Just being around you and all your plain old joyfulness makes your students want what you've got, and it inspires us to continue in our practice because it has clearly worked for you! And not the "twist yourself into a pretzel" kind of results, but the "free your mind and be happy" kind of results. I can't wait to take your workshop in December so I can have a few days to hang out with you again and soak up all that joy and freedom.

(That, and I want to get a look at that $100 yoga mat.   ;) )

Jennifer Dillon
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Re: Another Satisfied Customer
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"I just drop it" Thanks this helps