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50 breaths
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Hi David,
I was recently at your workshop and had a great time, I learnt lots and the last few days of practise since have been more fun than ever. Thank you.
Everything you said made sense and I continue to remember new things to improve my yoga.
There was one thing I remember but am hoping you can shed some more light on, you mentioned a practise where ten postures are held for fifty breaths each, could you tell me more about the structure and contents of that practise (postures etc).
With appreciation of you past and future teachings, thanks 

Dear Adrian,
Nice to hear from you and I am glad that you enjoyed the did I.
Doing a practice of 10 postures for up to 50 breaths is a method of preparing for "advanced series" after one has learned 1st and 2nd.  It can be done once or twice a week.  One does the "salutations" and then starts going thru the series, holding each posture for as long as comfortably possible.  Notice which postures could be held for 50 breaths.  The next time you practice this way, the postures which you could hold for 50 are omitted and new ones are added at the end.  One gradually works thru the series, dropping and adding asanas, still doing 10 asanas per session.  I have gone all the way thru 1st and 2nd this way several times over the years and have found it beneficial.
Then, once one has mastered all of the asanas, one can practice "the rishi series", the most advanced practice.  One does the 10 postures that one intuits will be the most beneficial and appropriate for that day, holding each posture for up to 50 comfortable breaths. 
I hope this is clear.  Please feel free to ask further questions. 
All the best to you.
Yours in Yoga,
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