Author Topic: Maui retreat, March 2003  (Read 7163 times)

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Maui retreat, March 2003
« on: July 11, 2004, 02:38:35 AM »
hi guru of gurus,

i finally after all that travelling made it back to good old europe.
in a year exploring the ashtanga world i ran across many teaching
systems, fads, pseudo teachings and of course also learnt the hard
way that everyone develops in his very own delicate timeframe and pushing only
leads to delays, dropbacks, and most of the time, in severe injuries.
it was a great blessing to meet such an achieved practituoner and teacher
like you who walks his talk and leads by beeing an achieved role model who over a long
period put his method to the test.
i met a lot of your students and had the oportunity to find the same aproach
helping their students to a happy ashtanga practice that doesnt lack longevity.

i m thankful for you teaching.  i now enjoy my journey on my
yoga mat and look forward to every session as a source of
health and radiating energy.  thanx to your approach to listen to your inner rhythm.

i cant wait to meet you again and i hope its not to short of a notice to
come to paris this weekend.

look forward to see you soon.  shanti.