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Greg Fleck

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New York City - WORKSHOP
« on: November 24, 2004, 02:37:46 PM »
Thanks for another great weekend!  Thanks for telling us what we already know:
“If it hurts you’re doing it wrong.”  Whether it’s due to our own egotism, our conditioning, someone else’s expectations or anything else - we all know (our bodies know) deep inside if it hurts we’re doing it wrong.  You make it crystal clear when you say “Hurting yourself more will not make you hurt less” – how can anyone argue with that…

“A little practice everyday is better than a lot of practice once in a while.”  If we feel the benefits of an asana practice today, we know that we will benefit from the practice tomorrow.  Even it we don’t have the time for a full practice I think we all can find time for the 15 minute minimum – we know if we don’t make the effort  we are losing the opportunity to feel the benefits.

I’ve been very fortunate that my teacher has always sincerely stressed the same principles as you - asana as moving meditation, mindfulness, finding a balance of will and surrender and the benefits of a consistent personal practice.  But, I constantly see students (and teachers) so caught up in wanting a pose to look a certain way or pushing to try a pose they’re not ready for that they lose the beauty of yoga.  Some people say Ashtanga “kicked my butt” out of disgust after getting injured and some say it like it’s a badge of honor but maybe if they could practice with you they could say Ashtanga calmed my mind, opened my heart, or freed my spirit.
I walked away from your workshop feeling your message was Ashtanga Yoga the Middle Way.

Thanks again, stay well and may you live in peace,