Author Topic: Columbus Ohio workshop, April/May 2009  (Read 7703 times)


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Columbus Ohio workshop, April/May 2009
« on: February 23, 2010, 04:26:14 PM »
I attended David's workshop in Columbus, Ohio in the spring of 2009. It was by far the best, most informative Yoga training I have had...and in only a few days!!! My friend, Steven Ellman, who studied with David in Hawaii, told me about it and I am glad he did.

Before beginning Yoga in 2006, I had 31 years of debilitating back pain. I was told twice that I needed surgery for spinal stenosis and a herniated disk and piece of disk that lodged under a nerve. Yoga has basically "cured" me of any significant back problems. I have no flairups at all anymore!

Since the workshop, Salutations A and B have become regulars in my practice and in all the classes I teach. Personally, my flexibility has improved dramatically since I started doing them as David prescribed (same as P Jois gave you!). Also, many of David's sayings have become part of my sayings in my effort to get participants to have NO PAIN during Yoga class and to make Yoga practice a part of their lives from here on after!
I plan on making the Savannah workshop in May of 2010 if I can. Thanks for helping me David, and thanks from all those who take Yoga class from me!
Carl Dipman
Blacklick, Ohio