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Ashtanga practice experience
« on: September 11, 2004, 12:07:02 AM »
Dear David,

I would like to tel You my experience of practice Ashtanga yoga first series after Your seminar and ask You for corect me.
I am entering into asana ( with inhale or exhale depending of the type of asana) how much I can do comfortable and then during staying in asana asana I am continuing holding moola bandha and udiyana and I am doing deep ujjai breathing with which I am streching body in asana. During inhale from upper chest to navel I fell streching of spine and other parts of the body and during exhale I am contracting abdominal muscles making moola bandha even stronger and at the same time fell relaxation of diaphragma and muscles of the chest region and other muscles which permits me to comfortable move more deeply into asana, and again during inhale I am streching again already more streched parts of the body and with exhale I relax and strech even more. All the time I am loking that I feel comfortable and pleasant. My main focus is on strong and deep ujjai breathing, pleasant stretching of the body and moola bandha. Then sometimes I fell that I move the body with breath, and I feel wery light an strong. So my question is wheather is OK that during inhale I feel movement from the uper chest to the navel, and during exhale I feel movement (contraction) from the region also below and abow the navel making mula bandha stronger.
I feel great doing Ashtanga yoga first series, and feel much more benefit than I was doing yoga asanas till now. Thank You very much for teaching me Ashtanga Yoga.

With best wishes,

Yours in Yoga,


Dear Jadranko,

Everything that you described sounded perfectly correct.  Continue enjoying your daily practice.

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