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Advanced postures
« on: October 04, 2009, 10:54:27 PM »
Aloha David, At 52 I should be content with my 15 years of yoga practice, but, still I yearn to be the strong flexible youngster again, adding one more posture "accomplishment" to my belt.  I know its an ego trip, but when will I listen to you and just go easier on myself. The minute I feel great , I overdo it, not even realizing that I've gone to far, and then need to chill out for a few days.  Why do I find it so important to continue this quest for postures that maybe have left my grasp 3 years ago.  I see great ones like Dharma, still going strong at 70 and refuse to believe my body has limitations.  Hanging out with you for a few days gave me a relief to see a great one who realized he had been there, and done that, and was content with a practice rich with joyful endorphins and void of ego.  How can the ego be so stubborn even in a room alone?  Is it best work through obstacles of the body, or at some point, just go around them?