Author Topic: Combining seated meditation with Ashtanga series  (Read 7065 times)


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Combining seated meditation with Ashtanga series
« on: September 29, 2009, 04:16:44 PM »

How would you recommend combining seated meditation with any of the Ashtanga series?

I have been practicing seated meditation for many years mostly with Zen Buddhist practioners and Ashtanga for about three years.  I was at your workshop in Salt Lake City about a year ago and found it very liberating.  You made a few comments about things other than Ashtanga such as continually saying a mantram and seated yoga and perhaps you could tell me a bit more.

I do a seated mediation usually every day for about 50 minutes as well as an Ashtanga series.  I do them at completely different times of the day.  Is there any advantage to running them together someway and, if so, how would you recommend sequencing them together?