Author Topic: workshop Eindhoven july 2009  (Read 8061 times)


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workshop Eindhoven july 2009
« on: July 09, 2009, 12:46:24 PM »
This was the best thing I have given to myself lately, the workshop with David!

Although it was quite heavy for me, I only practised Power yoga for some months a few years ago once a week. The rest of the week I practice a mixture of Hatha yoga ( I started about 30 years ago) and Iyengar yoga (the last couple of years).
So, all the Vinyasas non stop in between the postures, wauw!
What I liked most was that David told us over and over again that the postures should be comfortable at any time and you should not feel pain, never. And I liked it also that he did not come to look at me how I was doing!
So I felt at ease and enjoyed the whole workshop very much!
I agree totally that yoga is all about getting meditative and getting peace.

Two days later (yesterday and the day before) I had a workshop with my own Iyengar teacher, and I could compare him with David.
I noticed that when he said look if you can go further into the posture, I already was at my limit, but I tried to get further, and I did/do this all the time and it doesn't make me feel comfortable at all, often I have pain afterwards.
 So now I know and I spoke about it with my teacher, please don't make me go further and don't adjust me anymore! It was a releive to tell him this and to speak about with him.
And I am happy he could hear me and take notice of it!

I am really happy with this experience, it makes my life more complete!