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A guru
« on: February 27, 2009, 07:53:31 PM »
Dear Mister Williams,
Sorry for disturbing you.  I'm sure that you get a lot of mails, so I ll make it short.
I write you, because when I saw your picture it was like I know you.
Ashtanga is the love of my life.  Some years ago I started practicing, I loved it,
but in a way I was not ready... as a result I had no money for paying the classes and I had to stop.
After a while I moved to my homecountry, there I wanted to start again practicing,
here they had kriya yoga - I started but I felt a bit uncomfortable, disappointed
- even the people were very kind.
I practice ashtanga for myself and I go once a week making kriya.
Here is my question.  Do I belong to a guru, even if I stopped ashtanga? I never met sri k. patthabi jois personal? Where do I belong?
Or do I have 2 gurus?
How can somebody handle this? Does everybody have to decide where he wants
to belong?  I don't feel so comfortable with both.  I eat too much and get weak,
nervous (my feeling is like its not going together...)
I wish I will have soon lots of money to join you at one of your workshops.
I hope you understand my question and you can give me some advice
yours sincerely,

Dear T,
A guru is the person who introduced one to yoga.
Yoga is "cessation of the fluctuations of the mind".
Yoga is meditation.
Yoga/meditation is the space between the last thought and the next thought.
A yogi passes life in a state of yoga.
Tajana, your letter indicates that you are not passing your days in a state of yoga.  You have not met a person who has taught you to be a yogi.  You are yet to meet your guru.  
Don't despair...when the student is ready, the guru will appear.  
Good luck and aloha,

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