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austin, texas
« on: November 17, 2008, 08:02:31 PM »

I am grateful for your adventurous, yoga-seeking soul which led you to India. I am grateful for the people who came along later and asked you to teach them. I am grateful for asana practice which seems to have taken over my life since the day it found me. I am grateful for all the teachers I have met along the way and their good intentions. And most significantly this weekend, I am grateful for your workshop in Austin, Texas. The timing for me couldn't have been better.

I am only days back from Mysore where I spent the last seven months. It was a humbling experience, to say the least. By the time I left, my practice felt more like a mind game than anything else. Somehow I'd found myself caught up fretting over postures. I forgot how to keep it simple. I even had forgotten about prana. I have not had any teacher before you sit down and talk to me about prana. I mean, sure, I knew what it was and I even knew I was building it during practice, but it was never given the spotlight it deserves. It had been overshadowed by so may other components. Now, I'm grateful to be reminded.

I am inspired by your strength and courage - to seek and find and even more importantly, to know that ultimately you are your own teacher. I think for many of us this is the biggest challenge on this path. Most of us get stuck somewhere in the misunderstandings that are born where east meets west. But then, what choice do we have when there are not enough experienced teachers available to us?

I plan to incorporate many things you brought to light this weekend so that I can have a more loving, gentle and focused practice. More than ever I am grateful to be my own teacher and to set my own boundaries. You reminded me that yoga teaches us to turn within and find out who we are. I suppose at some point its time to take off the training wheels.

I think my biggest challenge now is finding symmetry. Just today I thought about it while I practiced, today just a thought. There are so many places that need addressing. I'll be learning all over again. It makes sense.

I look forward to meeting again.

With Gratitude,