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David Williams

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Amsterdam, August, 2008
« on: August 13, 2008, 02:01:55 AM »
Dear David,
Thank you very much for teaching a workshop in Amsterdam. I really hope you will return for more.
You are the first Ashtanga Yogi I meet who makes sense. Your teaching is clear, accessible and logical.
I can feel that you really live what you talk about, and your energy level is very high. You are a HEALTHY example of the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga.
From the first time I got in touch with the Asthanga Yoga practice I loved it and got hooked on it right away. However, practising over the years at times I got really turned off and frustrated by the incredible attitude of most Ashtanga Yoga teachers. Some of which behave like military commanders shouting out commands during their led classes, forcing students into asanas (the way they think the postures have to look like without using any common sense or observation of someone's physical ability), thereby creating much pain and suffering on all levels.
This I find has nothing to do with yoga. If physical flexibility was a measurement of someones spiritual prowess, then as a logical conclusion all acrobats or snakepeople should be enlightened by now. This is obviously not the case. I thereby found it very refreshing that you share this insight.
My compliments to your website, it is very well made and the slide show is very inspiring.
I hope to meet you sometime soon in the near future again, I love your enthusiasm to share your knowledge with everyone.
Thanks again,