Author Topic: Bali Teacher Training Yoga Retreat, 2007  (Read 6339 times)

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Bali Teacher Training Yoga Retreat, 2007
« on: September 12, 2007, 06:07:51 AM »
Feedback from questionnaire on final day of Bali Yoga Retreat.
34 students from 11 countries.
Love and Generosity in the Form of Feedback:  David Williams
What worked well?
• David’s life story is so entertaining! Laid back style and joyful energy. Teaching by breath count. Gentle approach to Ashtanga.
• His energy, laid back perspective, and sharing how his view of yoga has changed thorough out the years.
• His philosophy ensures how everyone can do yoga fully, regardless of flexibility. Very funny and open.
• Approach to asana as not being fixated on the precise form, instead focus on moola and breathing. Feeling the prana. Great story telling as teaching.
• His talk was a breakthrough for me on the concept of ashtanga yoga. Now I found I can modify asanas for ashtanga depending on the abilities of students. His talk on mula banda and how to apply it in asanas was very good as well.
I• enjoyed everything about David’s teachings. His character, his understanding of yoga including the simplicity. The idea of feeling good as opposed to feeling bad, the focus on why to have a daily practice, etc. Also his stories.
• Relaxed attitude, and energy, palpable stories
• Everything is great except he repeated himself a fair amount in lectures. I liked what he had to say.
• Caring, open attitude about yoga, genuine concern for students and the practice of ashtanga.
• Light hearted “don’t take yourself so seriously” style; respect and compassion for the body came across to me, introducing bandhas from one point of view.
• I definitely enjoyed his class. Very interesting and enjoyable.
• His obvious love of life and joyful spirit was inspiring and educational. He has such a nice laidback style of teaching and was unpretentious and down to earth! It was refreshing to hear his message.
• Very experienced and well known in the yoga world but such a humble person. His experiences and love for yoga is really inspiring for me to practice yoga more regularly. • He is also a very good storyteller!
• David was a pure joy. His stories were enjoyable, his classes were informative, and he is so cute and funny.
• I loved his openness and joy and passion for yoga, for wanting everyone to feel this.
David’s total lack of ego, and openness. He has transformed my ideas about ashtanga.
What would you like more of?
• Would like more time generally with David, maybe some more asana or Mysore style stuff would have been good.
• More discussion of application of philosophy.
• His thinking, background and philosophy of yoga and what he does.
• Would have liked more hands on/partner work on asana in morning sessions, maybe practice instructing vinyasa.
• More time with David.
• More time with David.
• His story past 1975. I just wanted more of him.
• More asana practices with him
• I loved hearing his autobiography and would have liked to hear part 2.
• More work on postures.
• I really like DW. You should have him again for your next TT with MORE ASANA PRACTICES.
What could be improved?
• More written info on vinyasa yoga.
• Nothing at all – what a fantastic teacher!
• More time and second series.