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Chicago workshop 2003
« on: July 11, 2004, 08:20:42 AM »
I was very honored to meet you and take part in your workshop this
winter at Priyayoga in Chicago. I want to thank you for one of your themes,
 "If it hurts you're doing it wrong." And not to rush into things you're not ready for.
I was perfectly set up to get a major injury if I hadn't heard your
wise words. I thought if you could make it through, in whatever fashion,
first series, you were ready to start second.Well, I didn't really know
better, but figured it out pretty quick after a few 2nd series poses
that I was in no way ready for that!

Everyone at that weekend, when they came out of class, looked so
relieved. We had been given permission from a living Ashtangi legend that it
was ok not to hurt oursevles when we practiced!  It sounds ridiculous.
"Oh, wow, we don't have to get hurt!" Thanks for bringing some common
sense into the studio!

I moved to Florida in April, and the dates worked out so I could do the
teacher training with David Swenson and Shelley in Naples. He does your
voice dead on :) and said many nice things about you. Awesome week.

I have heard a rumor that you may be coming to the Yogani studio in
Tampa in Jan 2004. I hope it's true! They've got a nice Ashtanga program
going there and it's growing.

I sincerely hope your World Tour is going well. It is very exciting as
students coming up to see our yoga heroes having wonderful success.

Hope to see you in Tampa! 
Beth Wishes,

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