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Workshop Feedback / Re: Workshop at O2 Yoga, Boston, May, 2003
« on: July 11, 2004, 01:53:12 AM »
Aloha David,

On behalf of all of us at O2, thank you
for bringing all your humor, great spirit and wisdom
to our studio this past weekend. We had such a fun time
with you! I've been hearing from students and our
guests from out of town how much they learned from and
enjoyed your workshop.

I know that myself and other teachers feel a
rejuvanation about Astanga. We loved your reminders that the
goals of yoga practice are self-realization and staying
balanced and healthym and above all,  "if it hurts,
you're doing it wrong."

Can't wait to have you back! Please let us know when
you want to. You will always have a home at O2!

Best Wishes,

Laura, Mimi, Maki, Kim and all of us here
at O2.  ;D

Workshop Feedback / Re: Workshop at O2 Yoga, Boston, May, 2003
« on: July 11, 2004, 01:50:46 AM »
Hello David,
How are you? I read and loved the letters on the mauiplus website. I
have been practicing Mysore class every morning (except saturdays). I
am making a lot of improvements but the biggest improvement I made I
think is that, now I am committed to do this for the rest of my life
and I am taking it easy because there is always tomorrow. Also just
focusing on breath and mula bandha really helped me feel the very
differently about the practice. So the at the end of the class I now
pay more attention to understand if I was able to increase my prana
more than yesterday (not the how well I did the poses).

I wanted to tell you that I signed up for a week workshop with Dawid
Swenson. I know you are buddies so I thought I would tell you that.
Actually Laura will be there as well.

I hope life is great for you and take care,

your Turkish friend,

Workshop Feedback / Workshop at O2 Yoga, Boston, May, 2003
« on: July 11, 2004, 01:14:36 AM »
letter to Mimi Lourero, owner of O2 Yoga concerning my workshop. Aloha


Thank you and your staff for hosting a fantastic
workshop with David Williams.  As a recovering workshop junkie, I can
honestly say that it was one of the best (can't forget your teacher training)
workshops I've taken during my four short years of practicing yoga. 
However, I think we might agree that his stories have to be the most adventurous
I've ever heard.  Perhaps even more importantly, he expressed so
much joy in his teaching.  His continuous focus on the bandas and
breathing was a revelation of sorts.  He gives new meaning to the KISS
method.  And for me, I can't be reminded enough.

Once again, thank you,


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