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Ask a Yogi! / Re: Releasing & 'Clearing' States
« on: April 14, 2005, 11:51:51 PM »
Dear Alexander,

I have a teacher, Alexander, a very, very good one too.

You seem to think that I went and did it to myself on purpose, or did something wrong. Please read with a little more attention. "I was doing nothing that I haven't been doing for several years" and I know enough to know that I am NOT doing "bad yoga".

Some things in life set us back for a while, and you work through it and come out with better yoga.

As it happens, that incident took place 3 weeks ago now. I have practiced daily since then and have not had so much as a hint of re-occurance. ;)

Ask a Yogi! / Releasing & 'Clearing' States
« on: April 04, 2005, 01:10:41 PM »
Hi David,

In the middle of a technique session recently my lower back went into a very, very painful spasm condition. I laid in Savasana for 30 mins and even showed symptoms of shock (cold, shaking etc). As there was no improvement in that time, I eventually got taken into A & E on a spinal board, by ambulance! Over 3 hours in casualty I was given doses of pain relief and muscle relaxants (anti-inflammatory drugs) and gradually became fully mobile.

Back at home, after a very deep sleep of some 12 hours I awoke feeling more mentally and physically relieved than I have ever known. The whole world is telling me not to get back to my asana practice for a while (this all happened 48 hours ago), but I cannot help but feel that I experienced a very strong release albeit emotional and/or physical. When the spasms took place I was doing nothing that I have not done daily for 3 years (I am 44 years young).

I feel I want to now start with Salutations, then the next day add standing postures and the third day add sitting postures etc. until my practice is back where it was, and I can move on.

I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on my experience if you can take the time to share them.
Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: First Series - length of practice
« on: March 27, 2005, 02:47:12 PM »
It does get confusing when even some of the most senior teachers in the world throw out mixed messages like:
i. "Stop your practice at the posture that you can't get right into, and go into finishing, only moving forward as each posture comes to you".
ii. "You need to begin some second series about 1 year into any serious astanga practice, in order to balance it off"
(I am not quoting anyone by name, but both of these views came from senior teachers within the beautiful world of Astanga).

My personal view is that you should follow these 3 simple rules in order to enjoy an ever-deepening asana practice:
Practice regularly, over a long period of time, with commitment.

I change my asana routine regularly to stop any complacency setting in. That way I embrace each practice like a welcome meal. I find that I am repeatedly surprised by, not only successfully removing the obstacles that I set out to resolve, but also by countless improvements to my practice that just appear like gifts from the gods.

With your Saturday-teacher scenario, my thoughts are, that when you are in class you do what the teacher tells you to do. Then process that information and do what is right for you in your own practice. Most of all, be happy.  ;D

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