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Ask a Yogi! / Releasing & 'Clearing' States
« on: April 04, 2005, 01:10:41 PM »
Hi David,

In the middle of a technique session recently my lower back went into a very, very painful spasm condition. I laid in Savasana for 30 mins and even showed symptoms of shock (cold, shaking etc). As there was no improvement in that time, I eventually got taken into A & E on a spinal board, by ambulance! Over 3 hours in casualty I was given doses of pain relief and muscle relaxants (anti-inflammatory drugs) and gradually became fully mobile.

Back at home, after a very deep sleep of some 12 hours I awoke feeling more mentally and physically relieved than I have ever known. The whole world is telling me not to get back to my asana practice for a while (this all happened 48 hours ago), but I cannot help but feel that I experienced a very strong release albeit emotional and/or physical. When the spasms took place I was doing nothing that I have not done daily for 3 years (I am 44 years young).

I feel I want to now start with Salutations, then the next day add standing postures and the third day add sitting postures etc. until my practice is back where it was, and I can move on.

I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on my experience if you can take the time to share them.
Thank you.

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