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General Discussion / London Jul 08
« on: July 20, 2008, 05:18:42 PM »
Loved the workshop - feel like I've finally heard the truth!  :)

I have drifted in and out of ashtanga yoga for the last few years, all the time wondering why, given that it gives such a great feeling of well-being and inner peace, that I didn't make sure I practiced all the it seems so, so obvious.

In the past, every class I went to and with pretty much every asana I was doing I was wanting to progress or improve, and become better at yoga :-\ when in reality what I was doing was hurting myself and giving myself a (good) reason not to want to go back. Worse still, I would judge my own "ability" against other people in the counter-productive and so not what yoga is all about ???.

I will take many things from the weekend, but one remains above all others. I would love one day to teach yoga, and if I were to do so I would tell students the same thing that I will be taking with me to all my future practice : increasing flexibility is a great benefit, but knowing your own body and staying true to that is THE most important part of the asana practice(aside from bandhas/breathing). For me, pushing too far is not only unpleasant physically, but is entirely due to ego which has nothing to do with yoga. Pulling back from a stretch that is too much is a sign of strength - being able to dismiss thoughts of what you want/think you should be able to do is much harder than giving in and trying to do something "better" when that's not the point anyway!

I can now (finally!) look forward to my next practice with new-found enthusiasm, and for that I am eternally grateful - thank you David!  :)

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